Friday, September 05, 2008

LS09BP + IJ = 4U

For the most part, I see the Best Practices track as 'for the people by the people'. This track has grown over the years to become one of the most popular at Lotusphere because it cover topics and has has content that is relevant to you. As Chris pointed out yesterday, people are starting to put their plans together for Lotusphere 2009 sessions and no doubt if you are reading this you have peeked at the site and and had a look at the abstract submission form and may have even put your sessions in.

This year, I am suggesting we get social about this. If you plan on submitting or attending a session in the Best Practices track, then please head over to IdeaJam and write up what you would like to present or see at Lotusphere. No need to have a professional title and full on abstract there, I'm thinking more just a topic and a little detail on it. I think it would be great for the community at large to lay down what is important for us and what we are expecting from the Best Practices track.

Now for some disclaimers:
- IdeaJam is not an IBM site and is provided by Elguji Software.
- Having a top rated idea does not guarantee acceptance for Lotusphere.
- Posting a session idea on IdeaJam is separate from submitting an abstract at the Lotusphere site.
- Bitching is never allowed.
- You don't own any of the posted ideas.

IdeaJam - LS09 Best Practices Sessions