Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Autism Awareness Month

Chances are you know someone that is affected by Autism.
My wife teaches elementary students with Autism here in Orlando. It is a tough job that needs a lot of heart, patience, and expertise to work day in and day out for the children. I'm so proud that she has that ability and makes a difference in the lives of her students and their families.

I often feel that what I do for work pales in comparison to her role and the effort she gives. So I try to do my part, by supporting her and helping out when I can and sometimes when I can't.

Working at home and on the road I don't have much contact with my colleagues and I certainly don't know anyone here at the Orlando office.
However, I love that there is still a sense of community and was reminded of that when I got an email about the Walk for Autism Research. IBM has formed a local team and I've joined up.

Not only do I get a free T Shirt, but I get to meet some fellow IBMers here in the area. As a new employee, I think it is great to see coworkers championing the cause to advance and accelerate autism research and it only adds to my belief that I have made a great move in working for IBM. If you can, find away to recognize Autism Awareness Month. The more we do, the closer we will come to solving this puzzle.