Tuesday, May 13, 2008


A great employee benefit is that IBM has discounts at various retailers. I'm so happy that one happens to be the Apple store. I was in there last month to buy my Time Capsule and had forgotten my id and business cards, which will usually suffice as proof of employment for them.
Not wanting to have to come back, I did some quick thinking and remembered that the IBM Employee Directory is online. I used to use this site to find IBMers when I was a business partner, but had never searched for myself. I walked over to a very nice display iMac and brought it up and searched for my name. The results were good enough for the sales rep and I was on my way with my terabyte of 802.11n love.

Also, I recently noticed that the IBM Employee Directory is first on Google's search results. Which means one can search for the term and hit 'I'm Feeling Lucky'. That is if the URL is too hard for you to remember.