Thursday, September 11, 2008

Best Practices: Freshen up!

Working with Best Practices this year, I am hoping to bring in some fresh sessions and faces to the track. So if you've got a session idea that hasn't been seen before, then submit it! If you are new to presenting at Lotusphere, then I'd like to meet you. Either way, do not be shy about the call for abstracts. I can't tell you how many times I've already been approached via Sametime and email about some great session ideas (points for guessing by who first) and my answer to all of them is, get them in! And keep reaching out if you have questions!

However, if your session idea is a rehash of something given at another conference or previous year, then you should seriously rethink it. Go get a bedazzler and add some flash to that tired copy and paste job. I'm not looking for the same old song and dance and would much rather have attendees blown away with flashy rhinestone studs from someone wearing a jean jacket that says, 'Fresh!', than bring back what's expected.

Keep in mind, this track and conference is for you. Please be sure to put in something to get the best out. Even if you are not planning to present, post what you would like to see on in the IdeaSpace and comment on what is there.

I'm hoping this year to have the Best Practices track be at its best ever. We're off to a strong start with your help and IdeaJam. Thanks to everyone that is participating there. Be sure to keep it up!