Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Lotus Connections Residency

Lotus Connections: How to Customize and Extend It

Have you been enjoying tinkering with Lotus Connections? If so, then we've got the residency for you! Have a look at the objectives aimed at extending a Connections implementation.
From my experience with customers and within the Lotus Greenhouse it a fun endeavor using the Atom based API. The possibilities are endless, as explored in this developerWorks article.

The focus of this residency is on customizing and extending Lotus Connections, as well as creating applications that allow Connections to interface with other software. The goal is to provide tips and techniques to help users create attractive and easy to use applications and interfaces. Interfacing through Homepage, Profiles, Dogear, Activities, Communities, and Blogs will be covered. Widgets, TDI and the REST API will also be looked at, as well as interfacing to Sametime and Notes 8.