Sunday, January 21, 2007

Lotusphere2007: DXL Innovations Contest

During the DXL Jumpstart this afternoon, I announced an informal contest that I am interested in producing. Here's the idea:
During the week, be thinking about applications of DXL.
Write it up, give it a name and email it to me.
Use the subject DXL Contest, so I can capture all the entries easily. Then by the end of Lotusphere I will compile and publish the results into an accessible site for all to enjoy.

My hope is that we will get some great new ideas of how to use DXL in our applications and have a quick facility to share that with others.
At the end of the week, I will post a winner, hand-picked by me, to recieve some great IBM or Lotus branded schwag donated to the contest by me.

Okay, so the idea is really not to get something more to bring home to the family, but more some ideas to bring back the office. With all the DXL, Ajax, XML, and Web 2.0 sessions in the works this year, I am sure we can get some good ideas brewing.

Entries are based on originality, applicability and maybe bribes made to the judge. Tell your friends. Anyone can enter as many times as they please. If you have any questions, please stop and ask!

Good Luck!