Friday, January 11, 2008

New Book for Lotus Notes/Domino 8

Lotus Notes Domino 8: Upgrader's Guide

This book was put together by some of my former ISSL colleagues. Of course I have great things to say about it, but you should have a look for yourself. The people that worked on this are some of the most experienced and skilled Lotus zealots that I have ever come across.

The book walks through the new features in the Lotus Notes/Domino 8 suite and documents these features in a technical, descriptive way, rather than presenting tutorials and examples. It also talks about likely problems that the user might face while upgrading, and shows how to get the most of the exciting new features.
This book is useful to Lotus Notes power users, administrators, and developers working with any version of Lotus Notes/Domino, who want to upgrade to Lotus Notes/Domino 8.

A sample chapter can be read at:

This might be something good to get in preparation for Lotusphere.