Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lotus CEO Community Collaboration Bundle

I'm glad I caught this article this morning. It highlights how these products help people tap into resources and instantly connect with them, within the enterprise. By only implementing some of these technologies and practices, you're not giving your team all the tools to get the job done. The IBM Lotus Community Collaboration Bundle (announcement), is here to make it easier to share, capture, and reuse knowledge in real time.

Integrating IBM Lotus Connections, IBM Lotus Sametime, and IBM Lotus Quickr in an enterprise

The Lotus Quickr, Lotus Sametime, and Lotus Connections products can provide a great deal of value to an organization individually. By having all three integrated within the same environment, however, you can realize an even higher level of value from this solution. It enhances communications through presence awareness and instant chat from multiple entry points, helps facilitate knowledge sharing through multiple product features, and improves workflow and work processes in the organization.

This solution is designed to organize and improve work efforts, provide productive teaming opportunities, help users find and access knowledgeable resources and instantly connect with them, and share and make available intellectual capital to the whole organization.

Friday, October 10, 2008

What would you say...ya do here?

Thanks to all for the congrats and well wishes on the new job. Transitioning from the Greenhouse to Product Management is a big gear shift. Working as a developer and engineer for many years has always meant that technology is the answer to IT problems. However, as I look at this new role, I find that I'll have to rely more on my people skills. Figuring out what Product Management is and how to jump into it, looks daunting. Luckily, as with most issues in the IT biz, Office Space has explained it nicely.

And I'll I have my assistant, Luis, to help me :)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A Season of Change

Almost three years into my career at IBM, I find myself moving onto my third job for Big Blue. I joined IBM Software Service for Lotus, in January of 2006 after having worked as an independent Business Partner focused on Lotus Domino Web application development. As a Senior IT Specialist with ISSL, I designed and developed Domino, Forms, Sametime and Quickr solutions for customers worldwide. As Lotus Connections emerged in the field, I worked on many of the key projects for ISSL, providing architecture and implementation guidance to customers, business partners and colleagues. Last year, I transitioned to the Lotus Greenhouse team as their Technical Team Lead and helped bring in many of the Lotus technologies that are hosted there today. This week, I am excited to get started with the Lotus Connections product team and will be joining Suzanne and Baan as a Product Manager.

Lotus Connections, has taken off in the Enterprise 2.0 space and I am sure it will only continue to rise. I'm very much looking forward to bringing my background and experiences to this social software offering and can't wait to see what comes of this new job.