Friday, January 26, 2007

Lotusphere2007: DXL Innovations Contest - Winner

We have a winner!
Mike Sabo submitted a great idea about working with ACLs via DXL. ACLs are often not thought of as Notes/Documents. Representing them in the way he describes gives a quick and easy way to represent the data they hold.

Here's his entry, ACLorg:
Given a database and the NAB(s) this app will generate a Hierarchical representation of the Groups and Users who have access. Useful for discovering nested groups and users. Colors used to represent different levels of access.

Thanks to everyone that participated! I'll be posting the other entries in a bit.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lotusphere2007: BOOM!! Mac OS X

I love the early morning meetings!
Thursday, 24 Jan:
BOOM101 Running IBM Lotus Notes on Apple Macintosh - SW Sandpiper
Bring your Books.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Lotusphere2007: DXL Innovations Contest

During the DXL Jumpstart this afternoon, I announced an informal contest that I am interested in producing. Here's the idea:
During the week, be thinking about applications of DXL.
Write it up, give it a name and email it to me.
Use the subject DXL Contest, so I can capture all the entries easily. Then by the end of Lotusphere I will compile and publish the results into an accessible site for all to enjoy.

My hope is that we will get some great new ideas of how to use DXL in our applications and have a quick facility to share that with others.
At the end of the week, I will post a winner, hand-picked by me, to recieve some great IBM or Lotus branded schwag donated to the contest by me.

Okay, so the idea is really not to get something more to bring home to the family, but more some ideas to bring back the office. With all the DXL, Ajax, XML, and Web 2.0 sessions in the works this year, I am sure we can get some good ideas brewing.

Entries are based on originality, applicability and maybe bribes made to the judge. Tell your friends. Anyone can enter as many times as they please. If you have any questions, please stop and ask!

Good Luck!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Lotusphere2007: I made it!

Finally made it to the Dolphin and Swan after my 29mi drive!
So far it's shaping up to be another great one. Please find me and say hello!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Lotusphere2007: DPI Lab

This year, I am happy to say that I will be available during Lotusphere in the Deployments, Performance & Interoperability Lab.

The DPI Lab is at Lotusphere to share the best practice approaches for your production environments in performance, deployments, upgrade, migrations, clustering, each platform, product interoperability and more.

I'm ready to go on various topics including:
Domino Web Services - Let's figure out how they can work for your applications!
Domino Blog Template - Take a look at the new template and go over it's features and capabilities.
Ajax Web Development - I've been developing Ajax applications for years. Maybe I can answer some of your questionson this web development technique
Workplace Forms - Forms based on the XForms standard are excellent. I'm happy to show our solution and go over Forms functionality.

And of course we can chat about my two sessions:
JMP302 XML + IBM Lotus Domino = DXL
ID215 IBM Lotus Domino and RSS

Find out more at the Deployments, Performance and Interoperability Lab Blog.
See you soon!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

My Five

  • I once prided myself on my Simpsons Trivia knowledge.

  • I was a varsity wrestler in high school.

  • My non-work related reading tends to be about quantum physics, psychology, or Gary Larson's The Far Side.

  • My name is Mac and I am a Mac fan.

  • I'd rather be playing outside.

Thanks Chris for calling me out. I'll pass this to Damien, Rob, Mikkel, Jack and William.