Monday, November 24, 2008

Making friends with the Twitterpillar

I joined Twitter a while ago and wasn't too impressed with the service. I applaud them for the concept and people for their willingness to share just about everything in this medium, but I think that as a content provider, they suck.

Of course like most everyone else, I don't like their intermittent service (that has improved), but I also have had trouble with Twitter being the only place to tweet. I know their are other mini/micro/nano blogs available. However, bloggers blog everywhere, it's no big deal, so why am I stuck using this service. I feel like I'm stuck using AOL IM and can't switch to anything else or I'll loose my buddy base and that blows.

As bad as they are, Twitter has provided a great API and is very open to applications that can utilize it in aggregation, or just simply pull a feed. These things are great and are probably it's savor for my use. Thanks to Digsby and FriendFeed (and many others) for taking full advantage of that.

With all that in mind, I've decided to be more active on Twitter. Thanks to everyone that has followed my silence there up until this point. I hope things are about to get better!