Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yay FriendFeed!

I really like FriendFeed. Maybe not as much as Scoble, but I am getting there. Up to now, I have been using it lightly for public feed aggregation but the feeds I am watching there and value I get from the service continues to grow. As I was clicking around on the site today, I found my new favorite feature, imaginary friend:
You can keep track of your friends that don't use FriendFeed by creating "imaginary friends." For example, if you know your friend's Flickr username, you can create an imaginary friend with that Flickr account, and you will get notified every time your friend publishes a photo.
The best part is that other people, your friends, can't see your imaginary friends. I love it! It takes friending to a whole new level.