Monday, July 02, 2007


Pretty much since Lotusphere I have been off-line.

Overall, it's been great, but at times uncomfortable. Transitioning to a new computer made this super easy. I never seemed to update my feed reader and found that I was always needing to install something else. A horrible move that has made me loath this unmistakably Lenovo brand ThinkPad T60p and has had me keep off it as much as possible. This let focus tremendously on the work ahead, but left me seriously behind the curve on other topics.

So what was I doing? I was researching and learning as much as I could about Lotus Connections. Last year, I focused on Workplace Forms and fell in love it's XML based language and MVC structure, but I could not resist the call from the horizon of IBM's Enterprise 2.0 technologies and was drawn to Social Networking the Connections way. I began working with managed beta customers and the development staff as Connections sprouted from internal projects and applications to a customer product.

Now that it is out for general availability, I feel I can rest and get back to it and work at being more connected.