Thursday, July 05, 2007

Project Zero is here

At Impact 2007, the WebSphere team started talking about a project that has been in the works for the past year, Project Zero.
This is great stuff and I feel that it will certainly be playing a role in how we create our applications in the future. Jump in now!

Project Zero
Project Zero introduces a simple environment for creating, assembling and executing applications based on popular Web technologies.

CRN - IBM looks to open up development
IBM is kicking off an experiment to open up its software development process in a way that mirrors the creation of open source applications. - WebSphere CTO looks past Java to REST and Web-based SOA

You think about lightweight environments. One of the things I think about having done in WebSphere is can we build a radically simple environment on the Web for building Web-oriented applications? I think the answer is yes.